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Weymar GPS Activity Necklace - Silicone
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Jagger&Lewis Smartdock
Do we get a default antenna with the purchase of our Smartdock?

Yes, you will receive the “small antenna” by default, which gives your dock a minimum range of 1000 square meters. You can also order a large antenna on the accessory page.

Is the Smartdock automatically included with the GPS tracker ?

No, the Smartdock is included with the Jag GPS S2 only if you select it on the product page. If not, it can be ordered separately on the accessories page.

What are the benefits of the continuous monitoring offered by the Smartdock for dog owners?
  • Enhanced comfort: Using the Smartdock light, owners can monitor their pet's behavior in real time, giving them peace of mind and a constant bond with their companion.
  • Leak alerts: The Smartdock, when connected to the mains, ensures permanent surveillance and immediately alerts owners in case of an attempt to flee their animal thanks to its light indicator.
  • Start a search: Owners can launch a location from their Smartdock by pressing its button in case their animal flees.
What does each color seen on the Smartdock light mean?

The colors of the Smartdock light provide information on its status and that of the smart collar.

Here are their meanings:

  • Green LED: The Smartdock is plugged in and working normally.
  • Blue LED: The GPS tracker(dogs) are detected in the Smartdock area.
  • Sparkling Orange LED: At least one housing is missing, signaling a disappearance or partial removal of animals.
  • Sparkling Red LED: All GPS tracker are missing, indicating the total absence of animals or device from the system.

These visual indications allow users to quickly understand the status of their Smartdock system and the presence of their animals, increasing the surveillance and peace of mind of owners.

What is the range of the Smartdock with the different antennas?

With the big antenna, it is generally around 2500 square meters, while with the small antenna, it is around 1000 square meters. This data is indicative and depends on terrain conditions, topography, and other environmental factors. It is recommended to take these variations into account when setting up the dock for optimal coverage.

The antennas are available on the accessory page