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Weymar GPS Activity Necklace - Silicone
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Activate my tracker
Leave your dog free in the garden, reliability assured, the Smartdock wifi anti-escape takes care of him.

Give him a world of freedom

Combined with the GPS activity collar, the Smartdock WiFi makes it easy to increase its tracking capabilities. Once installed on your wifi box, the Smartdock brings you a permanent virtual fence and activates an Intelligent mode on the GPS activity tracker which increases its autonomy up to 3 months. Connected at all times, the Smartdock allows you to monitor behavior and well-being data in real time. Its design fits perfectly into your home and serves as a charging base, no need to search for the right cable.
Permanent virtual fence and remote wellness synchronization
The Smartdock wifi comes as standard with the JAG GPS S2⊕ activity collar.
GPS activity necklace
Improved autonomy
The Smartdock anti-flight allows you to increase the autonomy of your GPS activity collar thanks to an ultra-low energy mode.
24/7 virtual fence
As soon as your dog leaves the surveillance area of his Smartdock, you are directly notified of his absence.
LED indicator
The light on the Smartdock Anti-Runaway is synchronized with the light on your dog's case. You have instant insight into your dog's presence.
Location button
By simply pressing the button on your Smartdock, you can launch an immediate location without using the application.
Very easy to use, simply connect the Smartdock to your wifi box and associate it with its GPS activity collar so that it constantly monitors the presence of your dog.
Increased functionalities with the Smartdock anti-runaway
LED light and alert button
Without having to be glued to your phone, just look at your WiFi Smartdock to see if your dog is having fun too far from home. You'll see, we can't do without it anymore.
Permanent virtual fence
With the Jagger.Lewis WiFi Smartdock you can always keep an eye on your dog's activity collar 24 hours a day. With a range of over 50 meters with its antenna, you can monitor most gardens. If you want to increase the range of action, you can change the antenna on your Smartdock.
Improved autonomy
The major problem with other GPS trackers is that they consume a lot of battery to be available and even more so if you activate the virtual fence. The WiFi Smartdock controls all communications with your box to maintain optimal battery when needed.
Remote activity monitoring
With the WiFi Smartdock, all of your dog's activity data is available in your app at any time. You can ask your box to switch to the mode of your choice easily and reliably.
Standby up to 10 GPS collars
Do you have a pack at home? No worries. You can use a single Smartdock to monitor up to 10 GPS activity collars simultaneously. All of your dog's collars are automatically synchronized and you always know who is present and who is not.
Absence mode +
When you leave your dog alone at home, you want to be reassured that he is there and to know if he is being good as usual. With absence + mode, you can know in real time if your dog is calm or agitated.
Secure wifi connection
Our WiFi Smartdock is equipped with a secure connection provided by a secure agent in order to bring you even more peace of mind.
Pourquoi le 5ATM est plus intéressant que l'IP68
Les normes IP68 et 5ATM sont toutes deux utilisées pour mesurer l'étanchéité des appareils électroniques, en particulier des smartphones et des smartwatches. Cependant, elles diffèrent dans leur approche de la mesure de la résistance à l'eau.

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