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Weymar GPS Activity Necklace - Silicone
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Jagger&Lewis GPS tracker
Can updates be done automatically ?

No, but you get an automatic notification when you need to update your data. When the notification dot on your sync icon turns orange, it means you need to go to your GPS tracker settings to start syncing data. We remind you that it is necessary to be close to your case for it to work properly.

From what age can my dog wear a GPS tracker ?

When your companion is still a puppy, he experiments, develops and sets up his routine with you. We advise you to wait until he is at least 6-8 months old before putting on his JAG GPS S2.

How is the data collected by the GPS tracker used?

At Jagger.Lewis, using data is one of our added values. In addition to providing detailed monitoring of your dog's behavior, including calories burned, sleep and frequency of outings, we offer you the possibility of obtaining a personalized assessment. You will also receive recommendations and advice relating to your animal's behavior, thus contributing to a better understanding of its daily life and strengthening your relationships.

How long does it take between two refills of the GPS tracker?

With a full charge and standard use equivalent to one activity per day, the GPS tracker lasts approximately 20 days. This means that under normal use, you can enjoy extended battery life, providing a reliable and long-lasting experience for tracking your dog. Please note that battery life may vary depending on the intensity and frequency of use.

Is it possible to have several dogs on the same GPS tracker?

Each GPS tracker is designed to be associated with a specific dog because it contains personalized information such as that dog's weight, size, and previous activities. However, you can link multiple devices to the same account, allowing you to track all of your dogs from a single application. In addition, with our “Family” or “Premium Family” subscription, you can extend this functionality to include tracking the dogs of your loved ones, offering a complete solution for managing pets within your family circle.

Is the GPS tracker water resistant?

Yes, the GPS tracker is designed with 5ATM water resistance. This means that it can withstand a pressure equivalent to 50 meters deep for a long period of time, making it suitable for daily use, including swimming and prolonged exposure to water. In addition, with its protective shell, the case is also dust resistant, thus ensuring increased durability under different environmental conditions. You can be confident in the robustness of the GPS tracker, whether on trips in the rain or in dusty environments.

Is there a regulatory burden for using the GPS tracker ?

Yes, we recommend that you put the GPS tracker on for dogs weighing more than 8 kg.

Why am I being asked to update my GPS tracker ?

Updates are critical to improving performance, security, and optimal data recovery from your GPS tracker. Be sure to follow up on update notifications regularly and update them to optimize the functionality of your device. This ensures that you always benefit from the latest improvements and ensures an optimal user experience with your Jagger.Lewis GPS tracker.