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Weymar GPS Activity Necklace - Silicone
Ref: JAG_GPS_S2_Weymar
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Activate my tracker
Application functions
How do I access my previous activities?

To see your past activities, go to the “Activity” tab in the application. You will find a list of your past activities, with the route layout and statistics such as distance covered, speed, calories burned, etc. You can also share your routes with friends and family via the application.

How do I associate an additional GPS tracker on the app?

To associate an additional GPS tracker, go to the “Profile” tab, then select “My Team”. Press the “+” button to add a new GPS tracker, then follow the instructions to provide information about your dog.

How do I change my personal information or that of my dog?

To change your personal information, go to the “Profile” tab in the application, then click on “My Team”. You can then update your personal information and manage the activities proposed when the activities are launched, as well as notifications. For your dog's information, go to the “Profile” tab and tap “Identity” to make the necessary changes.

How do I create my account?

To create your account, launch the app and follow the instructions to sign up. Click “Let's go” and then click “Get Started” on the home screen. You will be guided through the process to provide the necessary information about you and your companion.

How do I geolocate my dog?

To locate your dog, go to the “Location” tab of the application and select “Location of your dog”. You will then be able to see the live position of your companion on the application's map, allowing you to follow his movements and ensure his safety.

How do I see the estimate of the GPS tracker's remaining battery?

To see an estimate of the GPS tracker's remaining battery, check the top left corner of the app screen. You will find a percentage representing the battery charge level. Clicking on it will give you a more detailed estimate (days and hours left) based on your previous uses of the GPS tracker, allowing you to plan for the next recharge.

How do I start an activity?

To start an activity, go to the app's home page and press the black button with the “+” symbol. Then select the type of activity you want from the available options, then press “Let's go.” You can personalize your activities by accessing your account settings.

Is it possible to see my account information other than through the Jagger.Lewis app?

Yes, you can view your account information on the online platform This gives you an alternative for managing your account and accessing your information outside of the app.

Where can I find the app?

You can download the “Jagger.Lewis” app from the App Store for iOS devices or from the Google Play Store for Android devices. Simply search for the app, download it, and install it on your smartphone.

Why did my GPS tracker data sync fail?

Syncing uses Bluetooth, which means your phone needs to be close to your dog's GPS tracker, about 2 meters maximum, to work properly.