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Overweight dog: how do you know? what risks? how to react?

A dog's extra pounds can be very dangerous for their balance and health. In order to protect it and remedy it if necessary, you must first detect if your companion has a weight problem. Is your dog one of the 34% of overweight canines in the world right now?
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
March 20, 2023
While gluttony is often their worst defect, it is dangerous for dogs to have extra pounds. In order to protect it and to remedy it if necessary, you must first detect if your companion has a weight problem. So is your dog one of the 34% of overweight canines in the world right now?
How do I know if my dog is overweight?

The first instinct is to talk to your veterinarian. During the annual visit, for example, your dog will be weighed and you will be told whether his weight has changed compared to previous years and if everything is fine, or not.

Then, you will easily find on the internet the ideal weight of Médor according to his breed. Once it reaches more than 10% of its average reference weight, it's a bad sign!

Finally, dog overweight is easily detectable with the naked eye:

  • the spine, ribs, and pelvic bones are not visible

  • folds of fat around the neck or at the base of the tail

  • The size is not marked

  • fat cover on the belly

The risks associated with overweight dogs

Beyond a few unsightly bumps, which will not particularly affect them from a psychological point of view, the health risks are high.


What will my dog's overweight cause?
  • heart and respiratory problems, easily detectable during physical activity

  • difficulty moving or even rupture of the cruciate ligaments

  • hypothyroidism

  • reduction in life expectancy

  • osteoarthritis and other joint problems

  • urinary infection, kidney failure, digestive problems, diabetes

  • difficulty coping with heat

  • tendency to develop tumors

  • herniated disc

This is of course not an exhaustive list.

Identifying a health concern

Your dog is not necessarily a glutton in need of sport, he may be suffering from a disease causing him to be overweight. First, consult a veterinarian to make a diagnosis.

How do I make my dog lose weight

Take care of his diet

Food is a key factor in keeping your dog balanced.

  • If you feed your dog the household diet, make sure that the doses are adapted to his breed and his habits.

  • If you prefer a pack of kibble or a box of pie, you have to read the compositions carefully! The important thing is a good protein intake, limiting carbohydrates and other unnecessary additions as much as possible. Do not give more than the recommended dose.

chien gamelle
Eat, move!

Lie in his basket all day, your dog will not lose weight by only running up to his bowl...
Your companion should take a walk for at least 30 minutes every day. If he is not a great adventurer, go for a walk with his peers, maybe he will try to run a little more in their company! Throw the ball at him, create interaction every day to encourage him to exercise!

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