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Weymar GPS Activity Necklace - Silicone
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Capture every moment of his daily life with the new Jagger.Lewis activity GPS tracker for dogs.

Capturez son quotidien avec le tracker GPS connecté Jagger&Lewis

Son nouveau compagnon de jeu.

Our new GPS activity smart collar for dogs is a durable, simple and practical next-generation GPS activity collar that offers you features that are much better than a regular GPS tracker for dogs. With this new product, you will be able to follow and record every moment of your dog's life with a better understanding of his daily life and thus strengthening your relationships.

GPS activity collar for dogs
Wellness monitor, location and monitoring of your dog's outings
With the smartdock, you benefit from a permanent virtual fence, real-time remote monitoring of your dog and a battery life of up to 3 months.
with its anti-fugue wifi wellness smartdock
A subscription to one of our packages is required to use the integrated 4G-LTEM sim of the JAP GPS S2 box
For all dogs from 8kg
Up to 3 months of battery life with the smartdock
Anti-shock silicone protection
5ATM resistant
Warranty extended to 5 years
French design & manufacturing
Share her profile with her whole family
You can invite other family members, everyone can keep an eye on them and have access to all their data at any time!
Monitoring of outdoor activities
During each trip, keep track of every moment shared with your dog, photos along the way, and GPS data.
Capture your outings and your moments
CaniCross, CaniBiking, CaniHiking, walks in the forest and even on a scooter, find your complicit moments at each outing
Pay attention to his nutrition and weight
Complete your dog's nutritional profile and get advice on the nutritional intake to provide according to his activity level.
Virtual fence for adventurers
Define the safe zone in which your dog is allowed to venture! As soon as it comes out, be notified by a notification or a text message.

Increased comfort!

The wifi smartdock brings you unparalleled comfort in using your GPS activity collar on a daily basis. With remote monitoring of your dog's well-being and behavior data, you also benefit from a permanent virtual fence and extended battery life of your device up to 3 months.
Discover the Smartdock
JAG GPS S2 et son Smartdock
Le collier d'activités GPS pour chien et son Smartdock wifi anti-fugue.
Optez pour le duo de nouvelle génération
A subscription to one of our packages is required to use the integrated 4G-LTEM sim of the JAP GPS S2 box
Increased case autonomy
Permanent virtual fence
Presence light
Location alert button
Warranty extended to 5 years
Design & manufacturing
The JAG GPS S2 smart collar works with various subscription plans onwards 6.65€/month. Choisissez l'offre qui vous convient le mieux.
Both practical and durable.
A collar for all dogs
Whether he is a fan of forest walks or canicross outings, if he loves to enjoy the sun's rays behind the bay window or if he takes advantage of a little moment of inattention to save himself, our GPS collar is made for him.
Fullproof ready
With its 5ATM waterproof case and its protective silicone sock, the JAG GPS S2 is ready to face the most demanding conditions that your companion will impose on it safely. Mud, dust, and water are not scary.
Learn more
Locate your dog faster.
Fast as lightning
In the event of a leak or unexpected exit of your dog, contact the collar in just 5 seconds thanks to its connectivity and advanced GPS technology.
Increase your peace of mind by installing a virtual fence at home
The virtual fence allows you to be alerted when the collar detects that it has gone outside the defined perimeter.
LTEM network connection
With its latest-generation LTEM connectivity dedicated to connected objects, your collar can be contacted instantly even internationally.

Keep an eye on
his well-being

Monitoring of its activity
Track your dog's activity to monitor energy levels, calories burned, and the most active times of the day.
Outings and walks
Each daily outdoor activity session and each of the declared walks are repeated from day to day to measure the benefit on their level of well-being.
Monitoring your dog's rest and sleep
The monitoring of rest and sleep allows you to have a morning assessment of your night at intervals of 30 minutes, making it possible to verify the presence of excessive activities that may reveal parasites or a stressful environment.
Quality of well-being
We compile each data daily to establish a level of well-being for your dog by mixing data on rest, activity, caloric expenditure, the quality of his nights and the evolution of these indicators over time.
With the Ghost function associated with our artificial intelligence algorithms, we identify variations in dynamic and specific behaviors of your dog such as scratching, licking or sniffing during the day or for particular moments such as absence mode or dogsitting.
Share every moment with your community
Kilometers covered together
35.53 km
Sessions spent together
6 exits
Proud to be part of the team!
After sharing a moment for two, whether it is a sports or educational activity session or spent with the dogsitter, do not hesitate to share them with your community.

Inspire other parents to spend more quality time with their dog! Share your tips and best ideas for going out and dating.
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