You need to watch and be reassured about your dog's activity and quality of well-being in his daily life?

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With the connected Jagger & Lewis box, you will be able to follow your dog's daily activities. With his Wifi connection, whether you are with him or not, you are kept informed regularly and automatically. This keeps you informed about the evolution of their behavior and health.

The case can be easily clipped onto your dog's collar. It detects and records the different your pet's activities and behaviors.

You can look after him all day long.

Enjoy 24-hour health monitoring of your dog

Our box precisely monitors your dog's caloric expenditure, activity level and sleep quality. It provides you with alerts in case of inactivity or abnormal behavior.
The new Jagger & Lewis application provides you with different screens and indicators to help you monitor your dog's well-being and activity on a daily basis

Equipped with a very easy reading, you can identify at a glance whether periods of activity are different from his habits. You can improve these activity times and check regularly benefit on its level of well-being, check out his sleep data, and much more.
Integrated Wifi connection
A battery with a long battery life
The Jagger & Lewis box is the only connected necklace with an integrated Wifi connection which allows you to track the data without waiting to come home in the evening to synchronize yourself with your phone using Bluetooth.

With an autonomy of up to 10 days depending on the mode of use, we have succeeded in providing you with a comfort of very high use.

Monitor the effectiveness of his treatment or stress level

His state of health worries you, he is on treatment, he recurs regularly?
Our box will become your ideal companion.

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