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Weymar GPS Activity Necklace - Silicone
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GPS activity collar for dogs

The JAG GPS S2 activity collar and its application rich in numerous functionalities, is the perfect combination to have, at every moment of daily life, a monitoring of your dog's activity in detail.

& Virtual Fencing
Thanks to the GPS tracker, locate your dog in real time and easily find it in case of running away. Get an alert if your dog leaves the authorized zone. Enjoy a permanent virtual fence with the smartdock
Health & Well-being Monitoring
With its wellness monitor, you can keep an eye on your dog's health and keep an eye on his sleep and rest. Get health alerts for unusual behavior.
Outdoor Activities and Complicities
Track all outdoor activities spent with your dog with the routes taken, the distance traveled and the calories burned. Capture and share every moment!
2 models available.
3 silicone protection colors to choose from.
The GPS collar for dogs JAG GPS S2 with its wifi smartdock
Connected to your wifi box, the smartdock constantly ensures the presence of your dog. If it goes out of its field of surveillance, you are warned by acting as a permanent virtual fence.
Le ➕:  Vous allez pouvoir suivre en temps réel l'activité de votre chien ! Est-il en train de dormir paisiblement ou bien s'amuse-t-il ?
With many features for a rich daily experience
pour une expérience riche au quotidien
GPS location and tracking
The JAG GPS S2allows you to locate your dog in case of running away or to follow him during one of your outings if you lose sight of him. The effectiveness of its GPS function has been developed with numerous tests outside, especially in the forest, but also in specialized laboratories to optimize antenna settings and guarantee you the best GPS products.
Virtual fence
Define the safe zone around your home where your dog is allowed to venture! As soon as it comes out, you are notified by a notification.
Sleep and rest tracking
The wellness monitor allows you to track your dog's sleep and rest times. At a glance, you will know if your dog's sleep is agitated. This can sometimes happen but if it is repeated, then you can make sure that everything is fine: parasites like ticks if you have been walking in the forest, your cushion to clean for example. Don't worry, if this happens too often, your veterinarian will be able to advise you!
Monitoring your weight and nutrition
Complete your dog's nutritional profile and monitor their weight. Select your dog's kibble from the biggest brands and receive recommendations on the amount of food to give according to his activity.
Monitoring of outdoor outings
Our product allows you to follow specific outdoor activities such as CaniCross, CaniVTT, free courses. Find the detailed statistics of its activity as well as the route to download in GPX format
Family sharing
Share his profile with your friends and family and keep an eye on his activities with them from afar!
Health alerts
Thanks to the Ghost feature, if we detect anomalies in his habits or abnormal behavior, an alert is sent to you. It's up to you to then see what the situation is depending on the situation.
Absence mode
Keep an eye on how your dog behaves when he is alone. Have information about his level of well-being during these times, thus strengthening the understanding of his needs when you are not there.
Dogsitting mode
With Dogsitting mode, stay connected to your dog even when you entrust it to a dogsitter. A convenient way to share and stay close, even at a distance.
Detailed stats
Get lots of data after each outing with your dog.
Accident alert
If the box detects an abnormal shock which can, depending on the intensity, be synonymous with an accident, you are immediately notified.
Epilepsy detection mode
Does your dog have epileptic seizures? Activate this mode to be notified when the device detects highly abnormal behavior.
GPX export
Export GPX data from your dog's journey.

Designed to meet all its challenges

Does he love jumping in the water, rolling in the mud, sneaking into the bushes to play with you? With the JAG GPS S2activity collar, rest assured!
In addition to being able to find it very easily, our product is the strongest of all GPS collars. It is the only one to guarantee you 5ATM protection, the best waterproof protection.
Rigorously tested, the JAG GPS S2combined with its silicone shell, is designed to offer optimal shock resistance as well as protection against mud and water, in which your dog loves to roll.
5ATM waterproof
The case of the JAG GPS S2
is 5ATM waterproof, which allows all water games without restrictions, much better than all its competitors.
Broad autonomy
The JAG GPS S2has a battery life of 15 days depending on the activity of your dog and the use of GPS and up to more than 30 days with its anti-fugue Smartdock.
5-year warranty
The care taken in the manufacture of our product and the reliability tests carried out allow us to guarantee our product for 5 years. Stay serene in all circumstances.
Additional Informations
What's in the box?
Contents of the box
  • 1 collier GPS pour chiens
  • Silicone protector
  • Collar charging cable
  • 1 collier GPS pour chiens JAG GPS S2
  • 1 protection en silicone
  • 1 Smartdock Bluetooth/wifi
  • 1 antenne Bluetooth/wifi
  • 1 câble USB-C pour le Smartdock
JAG GPS S2 data sheet
37 x 72 x 20
Between 15 and 30 days depending on your dog's activity*

Jusqu'à 3 mois associé avec un Smartdock
Recommended for
From 8 kilos
Compatible with
The necklaces
3 cm wide
Bluetooth 5.0
Multi-network compatibility
Bluetooth 5.0
WiFi (2.4 GHz b/g/n)
GPS, Galileo, Glonass
Compatibility with
Android + iOS
Delivery and return
Is it possible to return my package?

If the GPS tracker does not meet your expectations, you can return it to us within 30 days in order to obtain a refund provided that the condition of the returned case is new. After this time, we will find a solution together. Subscription activation and cancellation fees will be deducted from your package (€39 inc. VAT).

When will I get my order?

The standard delivery time is generally 4 business days from the date of shipment. During the presale period, the shipping date is set to 30/04/2024.

Pourquoi le 5ATM est plus intéressant que l'IP68
Les normes IP68 et 5ATM sont toutes deux utilisées pour mesurer l'étanchéité des appareils électroniques, en particulier des smartphones et des smartwatches. Cependant, elles diffèrent dans leur approche de la mesure de la résistance à l'eau.

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