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Travelling by car with your dog: tips for a pleasant journey

Car trips with your dog can be complicated when they could become pleasant moments for everyone! How to make him enjoy the car, mandatory safety regulations, handling motion sickness, and much more. We Tell You Everything!
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
April 7, 2023
Car trips with your dog can be complicated when they could become pleasant moments for everyone. How to make him enjoy the car, mandatory safety rules, the management of motion sickness... We tell you everything!
Make your dog enjoy the car

For your dog to enjoy car trips, it is important to gradually get him used to the vehicle environment.
Start with short trips, like going to the park or visiting friends, to get him used to the car.
Get the dog to associate the car with positive experiences by offering rewards, caresses, or toys when he gets in the car.
Let Médor explore the stationary car and spend time with him inside to make him feel at ease.

chien en voiture

Mandatory safety regulations

To ensure the safety of your dog and other passengers, it is essential to respect certain safety rules when traveling by car.
Depending on the size and weight of your dog, you will need to choose a safety harness, carrier, or separation grid to keep your dog in place during the ride.
To avoid distractions and the risk of accidents, it is best to place your dog in the back of the vehicle.
The temperatures inside a car can quickly become dangerous for your dog. Never leave him alone in the car, especially in summer.

chien retroviseur

Management of motion sickness

If your dog suffers from motion sickness, here are some tips to make trips more comfortable:

  • Consult your veterinarian: they may recommend medications for motion sickness or natural solutions to help ease your dog's symptoms.
  • Wait at least 2 hours after eating your dog before driving to avoid nausea and vomiting.
  • Stop every 2 to 3 hours to allow your dog to stretch his paws, drink water, and relieve himself.
Here are a few more tips to make car travel with your dog more enjoyable:
  • Keep the car clean and comfortable: use seat covers to protect your car seats and make cleaning easier. Make sure your dog's space is comfortable by placing blankets or a cushion so he can rest.

  • Maintain a pleasant temperature: Make sure the temperature inside the car is comfortable for your dog by using the air conditioning or by opening the windows slightly.

  • Keep your dog entertained: Bring familiar toys or items to help keep your dog busy during the trip. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Pack a travel kit: Gather all the essentials your dog may need during the trip, such as water, a bowl, bags to pick up faeces, a leash, medication, medication, identification papers, and treats.

  • Plan your itinerary: Before you go on a trip, plan your itinerary taking into account stops for pee breaks, dog-friendly rest areas, and pet-friendly accommodations if necessary.

teckel en voiture

Travelling in the car with your dog can be a pleasant and stress-free experience if you take the time to prepare your pet and respect safety regulations.

By gradually getting your dog used to the car, following safety regulations, managing motion sickness, and following the other tips mentioned in this article, you and your dog can enjoy car trips with peace of mind.

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