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Foods that are toxic to your dog

We tend to discreetly share our meal at the table with our dog or have him pre-wash the plates. While some foods are good for our health, be careful, they can be toxic or even fatal for Médor!
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
March 23, 2023
We tend to discreetly share our meal at the table with our dog or have him pre-wash the plates. While some foods are good for our health, be careful, they can be toxic or even fatal for Médor!
Here are the top 5 worst foods:

1. The onion: very toxic to dogs because it contains allyl and propylene disulfide which can damage red blood cells. It is because of the allyl and propyl disulfide in onions that the dog can be intoxicated.

2. The grape

3. Chocolate: it is one of the most dangerous foods for the dog, it contains Theobromine, an element that can cause severe disorders, especially cardiac disorders, which can go as far as coma and cause the death of the dog. A small amount is enough for the dog to be poisoned so be very careful with chocolate.

4. The tomato

5. Avocado: it contains a toxin that causes metabolic disorders. Your animal may then have lung or heart problems.

    These foods are also dangerous:
    • mushroom (all mushrooms!)

    • garlic

    • macadamia nuts

    • candies: very sweet, they do not fit in a healthy food for your dog, but sugar-free candies create even more damage because they contain Xylitol, which is very dangerous for the liver.

    • bones: especially cooked, bones can be dangerous in The dog's diet because they are likely to break when the dog gnaws them and cause a perforation of the stomach or intestines. Also forget rabbit and chicken bones, which are very crumbly. Raw beef bones are preferred, or even “fake” bones made from buffalo or beef skin are used. These are easily found in stores and will allow your dog to gnaw more safely. Be careful never to leave your animals unattended when they gnaw at their bones.

    • drinks other than water: soda, alcohol, milk, tea, coffee

    • rhubarb

    • redcurrant

    • leek

      Of course, this list is not exhaustive, it is always important to check the edibility of a product beforehand before offering it to your dog.

      How to react in case of poisoning

      It may happen that your dog escapes your supervision and enjoys a trash can of leftovers on the street or that he manages to convince a guest to share his chocolate cake with him... We explain to you how to react if your dog has consumed a toxic food.

      • Contact a veterinarian immediately: explain to him as precisely as possible what your animal has consumed, so he can quantify the severity of the problem and ask you to travel if necessary.

      • Do not give your dog anything to eat or drink before medical advice.

      • Monitor the condition of your dog.

      The best solution is always to prevent before healing! Secure the environment. If you see that he is about to do something stupid, bait your dog with another edible food.

      Discover The list of foods that are good for your dog.

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