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The Dog and the Cold: Adapting, Preventing and Rescuing

Even when the temperatures are very cool, it's important for your dog to go for a walk. So cover up well and follow our advice!
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
March 20, 2023
Even when the temperatures are very cool, it's important for your dog to go for a walk. So cover up well and follow our advice!
How to adapt?

Below 7°, your dog feels the cold and endures it more or less well. Hypothermia and pads are the two pain points to watch out for.

  • If your dog is vulnerable to the cold, do not hesitate to equip him with a coat, sweater or adapted boots.

  • If your dog will have to walk on icy ground or salt during the walk, remember to protect and moisturize his pads, before and after, using tanning solution and a protective cream.

  • Dry your companion well. As for us, staying in wet clothes is not recommended. Carefully remove the ice to avoid damage.

  • After returning from a long time outside, install your basket near the radiator or any secure source of heat.

If your dog particularly licks his paws or has difficulty getting around, be extra vigilant about the condition of his paws.

Cold snap: how to detect? how to react?

Manifestation of the sensation of cold

A dog that is cold has a tendency to shake and refuses to go outside. But being cold does not always mean getting sick.

Here are the initial symptoms of cold snaps:

  1. As with almost all dog diseases, the first symptom is loss of appetite. This is followed by difficulty breathing, sneezing, wet eyes... The symptoms are finally quite similar to those of humans.

  2. Fever, vomiting, and lethargy may come second. Its temperature can drop to 35°. His heart rate is slow and his gums are pale or purple.

How to react?

If the first symptoms appear, put your dog in a warm place, rub it with a towel, limit walks, and make sure he eats and drinks.

Then consult a veterinarian if the situation persists and worsens.

Think that your dog may be contagious. So try as much as possible to avoid contact with its congeners, especially the most sensitive ones: puppies, dogs with pathologies, etc.

Is my dog cold-eyed?

While all dogs can suffer from the cold, some breeds are more or less sensitive to low temperatures.

The breeds that are most sensitive to cold:

  • The Chihuahua

  • The Naked Dog from Mexico

  • The Chinese Crested Dog

  • The Greyhound

  • The Pinsher

  • The Burrow

  • The Poodle

  • Yorkshire

  • The Dachshund

  • The Dalmatian

Conversely, the most cold-resistant breeds:

  • Bernese Mountain Dog

  • American Akita

  • Tiber Mastiff

  • Siberian husky

  • Spitz-Wolves

  • newfoundland

  • Saint Bernard

  • Pyrenean Mountain Dog

  • Chow-Chow

  • Samoyed

  • Alaskan Malamute

On the other hand, these dogs are very often sensitive to heat!

Of course, breed is not the only factor in cold resistance. Overall fitness, age, or weight play a major role. Note that overweight dogs are not more resistant, on the contrary they are more cautious!

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