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Flying with your dog: What if Medor Took a Plane?

1. Check airline regulations Each airline has its own animal transport policy. It is therefore important to check these rules before reselling
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
May 9, 2023
Travelling with your dog can be a rewarding experience for both the owner and the animal. However, this requires careful preparation, especially when it comes to air travel.

1. Check airline regulations

Each airline has its own animal transport policy. It is therefore important to check these rules before booking your flight. Some airlines allow small dogs in the cabin, while others require all dogs to be carried in the hold. Make sure you understand and follow cage size, weight, and cage type requirements.

2. Consult your veterinarian

Before traveling, it is essential to consult your veterinarian. He will be able to give you tips on how to manage your dog's stress during the flight and will check that your dog is healthy and able to fly. In addition, some countries require specific health certificates for incoming animals, your veterinarian will be able to help you obtain these documents.

3. Prepare a suitable carrier

Your dog must be transported in a carrier that complies with IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards. The carrier should be big enough for your dog to get up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. It should also be well ventilated and secure. If your dog is traveling in the hold, the carrier should be sturdy and leak resistant.

4. Get your dog used to the crate

Before the trip, get your dog used to staying in the carrier. Let him explore the cage at his own pace and reward him when he enters it. This can help reduce your dog's anxiety during the flight.

5. Limit food and water

It is recommended that you limit your dog's food and water before the flight to minimize the risk of motion sickness. However, make sure your dog has access to water during the flight, especially if he is traveling in the hold.

6. Exercise your dog before the flight

Good pre-flight exercise can help reduce your dog's anxiety. A long walk or a game session can help burn off his energy and make him feel more calm during the flight.

7. Make sure your dog is properly identified

Your dog should have a clear identification plate on their collar with your name, phone number, and other relevant information. In addition, the carrier must also have a label with this information.

8. Arrive early at the airport

Arriving at the airport early will allow you plenty of time to manage your dog's check-in formalities and ensure that everything goes well.

9. Manage customs formalities

If you are traveling internationally, you will have to go through customs formalities. Each country has its own regulations concerning the importation of animals. Some countries require quarantine, while others require specific vaccinations. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation and that your dog meets all health requirements.

10. Pack a travel kit

Take everything you need for your dog with you during the trip. This includes food, water, a leash, trash bags, familiar toys, and a blanket for your dog's comfort. If your dog is taking medication, be sure to have it with you as well.

11. Calm your dog

If your dog is particularly anxious or nervous, talk to your veterinarian about the possibility of using painkillers to help manage flight stress. However, the use of sedatives is generally discouraged because it can affect your dog's respiratory system at high altitudes.

12. Upon arrival

Once you get to your destination, release your dog from the carrier as soon as possible and give him a chance to stretch his legs. Make sure he has access to fresh water and food.

Traveling by plane with your dog can seem daunting, but with the right preparation, it can go smoothly. The key is to plan ahead and make sure your dog is as comfortable and safe as possible during the flight. By following these steps, you can make the experience of traveling with your dog a positive and memorable one for both of you.

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Flying with your dog: What if Medor Took a Plane?

1. Check airline regulations Each airline has its own animal transport policy. It is therefore important to check these rules before reselling
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