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Senior Dogs: How to Take Care of Their Health and Improve Their Quality of Life

Our four-legged friends also age and, with age, their needs change. Knowing how to care for a senior dog is important to ensure a happy and comfortable life.
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
April 7, 2023
Our four-legged friends also age and, with age, their needs change. Knowing how to care for a senior dog is important to ensure a happy and comfortable life.

Adapting the diet

As we age, our dogs' metabolism slows down, which can lead to weight gain and reduced energy. To maintain their health, it is important to adapt their diet. Choose kibble specially designed for elderly dogs, which contain fewer calories and an adapted protein content. Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian for advice on feeding your dog.

Maintain regular physical activity

Even if they are less energetic, older dogs still need to exercise physically. This helps maintain their muscle mass and helps prevent osteoarthritis. Adapt the pace and duration of walks according to your dog's abilities, taking care not to overwork him. Gentle activities, such as walking or swimming, are particularly suitable for older dogs.

Monitoring dental health

Dental problems are common in older dogs and can cause pain and infection. Brush your dog's teeth regularly and see your veterinarian if there are signs of gum pain or inflammation. Specific chew toys can also help maintain good dental hygiene.

Regular veterinary follow-up

Older dogs are more likely to develop health conditions, such as heart, kidney, or joint conditions. Regular veterinary follow-up is therefore essential to detect these problems in time and to set up appropriate treatment. Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian as soon as you notice a change in the behavior, appetite, or general condition of your dog.

Create a comfortable environment

Older dogs may be more sensitive to cold, humidity, or hard surfaces. Consider creating a comfortable space for your dog, with a soft bed that is well insulated from the ground. If your dog has osteoarthritis, anti-slip mats or ramps can make it easier for your dog to get around the house.

Stimulate emotional connection and mental stimulation

The well-being of your dog also depends on the quality of the relationship you have with him. Take the time to share moments of complicity, caresses and games. Mental stimulation is also important to maintain their cognitive health and to prevent depression or anxiety. Offer your elderly dog games to think and smell adapted to his energy level and abilities.

Managing age-related behavior problems

Senior dogs may develop behavioral problems, such as anxiety, aggression, or disorientation. Try to understand the origin of these behaviors and consult a professional if necessary to implement appropriate solutions. Patience and kindness are essential to accompany your dog in this stage of his life.

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