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How do you give treatment to your dog?

Administering treatment to your dog can sometimes become a real challenge! We give you the Jagger&Lewis secrets to take good care of your companion.
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
March 24, 2023
Administering treatment to your dog can sometimes become a real challenge! We give you the Jagger&Lewis secrets to take good care of your companion.
Administer local treatment

To apply an ointment or massage an area: give it a lick of yogurt or paste in an anti-glutton bowl for example while applying the product. The aim is to focus your attention on something much more important to you than the care provided.
Stay calm and relaxed, your dog may be experiencing your stress or anxiety. Deal with the situation calmly and confidently to help reassure your dog. Immobilize your dog. Clean the area where the ointment is to be applied and dry it well before applying the treatment. Apply the ointment, with gloves if necessary, following your veterinarian's instructions. If the area is sensitive, go gently to avoid pain for your dog. Prevent your dog from licking the ointment.

Make a pill swallow

Your dog is capable of swallowing the worst rubbish while out and about, but a simple little capsule terrifies him!

The easiest solution is to hide, or crush if possible, the tablet into a really very appetizing food. However, if your dog is too smart he will sort through the bowl and not swallow the medication. And if your dog has a very good flair, he will literally refuse to swallow your piece of roast with pharmaceutical flavors.

The second solution is less pleasant for everyone but very effective:

  1. Open your dog's mouth: Place one hand on your dog's upper jaw, just behind the canines, and gently tilt his head back. With your other hand, gently pull down on the lower jaw to open its mouth.
  2. Quickly drop the medication down the dog's throat. Try to avoid putting your fingers too far in your dog's mouth.
  3. Gently close your dog's mouth and keep it closed while gently massaging the throat to encourage swallowing.

Always reward your dog after the treatment with kudos, caresses, or a treat!

If you are still unsuccessful, you should contact your veterinarian to see if another form of treatment is possible.

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