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Everyday Foods That Are Good for My Dog

Has Your Child Not Finished Their Spinach? Don't Throw Throw Them Away, Give Them to Your Dog Instead! If you are in doubt or did not know it at all, here is the list of everyday foods that you can share without worries with Médor
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
March 20, 2023
Has your child not finished their spinach? Don't throw them away, give them to your dog instead!
If you are in doubt or did not know it at all, here is the list of everyday foods that you can share without worries with Médor:
  • carrot (especially if he is not friendly, very sweet the carrot is a treat for the dog)

  • cucumber/zucchini (very rich in water, to be given in small pieces)

  • apple (rich in antioxidants and water)

  • pear (rich in vitamin C)

  • banana (restores intestinal flora)

  • spinach (very rich in iron and protects against cardiovascular problems)

  • sweet potato (according to Lobos: “Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which is an important contributor to a dog's vision and growth, as well as vitamins B6 and C”).

  • peas (provides protein)

  • mango (to be given in small quantities to avoid intestinal disorders)

  • egg (be careful to cook them well)

  • poultry (be careful the bones can be fatal for the dog, you should only give him well-shelled pieces)

  • meat (be careful to cook it well)

  • fish (like meat, when not cooked, fish carry bacteria that are dangerous for dogs)

    All of these foods should be given in moderation.

    Top 3 protein supplements to give to your dog:
    1. turkey fillet

    2. duck

    3. Cod

    So, do not hesitate to please your dog by regularly balancing his bowl with foods from your daily life. However, always make sure that everything is good and edible for him. !

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