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Going to the mountains with your dog: everything you need to know

How beautiful is the mountain... Even more so when you can share your activities with your 4-legged friend! So what can you do in the mountains with your dog? How to secure activities?
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
March 29, 2023

How beautiful is the mountain! Even more so when you can share your activities with your 4-legged friend. So what are the possible activities and how can they be secured? We tell you everything!

What activities can you do in the mountains with your dog?

Walks in the forest, exploring hiking trails, mountain paths, running, swimming in mountain lakes, playing ball games, trying agility, sledding and skiing with your dog, canicross or canivTT... the list is long and there is a program for every season! (Learn more about winter sports with your dog)

What are the advantages of going to the mountains with your dog?

The mountains offer plenty of opportunities for your dog to explore and play. Mountain hiking is a great way to keep him fit and healthy. He can enjoy greater freedom and a varied environment to sniff out. The calm of the mountain offers him a stress-free space, ideal for fearful dogs.

What equipment is needed to go up the mountains with your dog?

  • A harness adapted to your dog to ensure its safety and a sturdy lanyard

  • A backpack for you and your dog, with water and food supplies for both

  • A life jacket for your dog, in case of falls or difficulties

  • A waterproof blanket to protect your dog from humidity and cold

  • Treats to reward him or remind him easily in case of danger (Read our article: let my dog go for a walk)

  • A first aid kit for your dog and for you.

  • The Jagger&Lewis collar to find your dog in case of running away and monitor his physical condition during the effort. This way you can also keep track of your favorite moments.

If you go to the mountains with your dog in winter, see our tips for protecting your companion from the cold.

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