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What does a healthy dog look like?

To know if your dog is in good health, it is important to regularly monitor his appearance, behavior and energy levels with your Jagger&Lewis collar. Here are some signs that generally indicate that a dog is in good health...
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
March 23, 2023
To know if your dog is in good health, it is important to regularly monitor his appearance, behavior and energy levels with your Jagger&Lewis collar. Here are some signs that generally indicate that a dog is in good health...
A shiny coat is an excellent diet

If for humans, the skin is a reflection of a healthy lifestyle, it is almost the same for Médor. Indeed, a dog's hair often reflects its diet. If your companion has all the nutrients he needs in his daily diet, this will show on his coat. Note that some proteins, such as salmon, also make hair shine more easily! It is possible to complete your bowl with salmon oil.

If your dog's skin is irritated, it may be due to a food allergy. You will have to test several proteins but also several brands of kibble and talk to your veterinarian. The use of a suitable shampoo will then often be recommended.

A white smile

Pink gums and white teeth are a sign of normal blood pressure and impeccable dental hygiene. To fight against tartar, do not hesitate to give chewing bones adapted to your dog.

Your dog's ears should be clean and without unpleasant odors. There should be no excessive wax buildup or signs of infection.

A line of kibble mannequin

If your dog is greedy and you have trouble refusing anything, or if his diet is not of good quality, it is possible that he has a few extra pounds... It is important to monitor his figure so that he does not suffer from serious diseases related to overweight. To find out more about the diseases associated with overweight dogs, see our article on dog weight.

A beautiful little truffle

A clean truffle without dripping is a good indicator of health. Although a dog's truffle may be wet or dry depending on the temperature or humidity, it should be free of scabs or secretions.

A lively look

Connected to the vascular and nervous systems, a dog's eyes are a good informant of its health status. Your dog's eyes should be clear, without excessive tearing, redness, or discharge. The eyelids should be free of inflammation or scabs.

A good appetite

A healthy dog should have a good appetite and eat regularly. Sudden changes in appetite may indicate a health problem.

Energy and behavior

A healthy dog should be alert, active, and interested in its environment. He should be able to run, play, and interact with you without difficulty.

Normal stools

Your dog's stools should be firm, well-formed, and dark brown in color. Changes in consistency, color, or frequency may indicate a health problem.

Regular breathing

Your dog's breathing should be regular and effortless, without excessive panting or difficulty breathing.

Of course, this is only an initial assessment and does not rule out a health problem in any way. An annual vet visit is essential to monitor your dog's health.

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