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CaniVTT: the sport of a duo that rides!

As with all sports to share with Médor, CaniVTT improves the physical condition and well-being of dogs and humans alike while strengthening your bond!
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
March 29, 2023
What is the CaniVTT?

CaniVTT is a sport that combines mountain biking with the education and training of dogs. The principle: the dog is connected to the bike by a lanyard. The goal: to teach him how to pull the bike to practice the activity as a duo.

What dog can practice CaniVTT?

You should make sure your dog is fit and healthy before running. He must be at least 18 months old and validated by a veterinarian.

What are the advantages of CaniVTT?

As with all sports to share with Médor, CaniVTT improves the physical condition and well-being of dogs and humans alike while strengthening your bond!
It promotes the socialization and education of the dog, which is stimulated mentally and physically by discovering new places.

chien vélo

What are the safety rules to be respected when practicing CaniVTT?

Make sure your dog understands the instructions you will give him, such as “stop” or “leave.”
Don't get into terrain that's too difficult for your level.
If you see that your dog wants to stop the activity, don't force it.
Give him plenty to drink after the effort and especially not to eat in the hours before the effort (risk of stomach twisting).
Do not ride a CaniVTT in rainy or foggy weather, the ground is slippery and visibility is limited.

What are the essential accessories for practicing CaniVTT?
  • A lanyard and a harness adapted for the dog
  • A bike adapted to the practice of Cani-VTT
  • A helmet for the master
  • What to give water to the dog
  • Use lamps and reflectors when driving at night.
  • Wear safety equipment (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc.) to protect yourself in the event of a fall.
  • Equip your dog with the Jagger & Lewis collar to track the performance and route of your activity and check that he is fit enough to start the race.

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