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What should you do if your dog has an accident or feels unwell?

Sudden accidents and accidents can affect our dogs at any time, and knowing how to respond in an emergency is important to ensure their safety and well-being. What are the actions to adopt and the precautions to take in the event of an emergency involving your dog? We Tell You Everything!
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
April 7, 2023
Unfortunately, accidents and sudden illnesses can affect our dogs at any time, so it's important to know how to respond in an emergency to ensure their safety and well-being. What are the actions to adopt and the precautions to take in the event of an emergency involving your dog? We tell you everything!
Stay calm and assess the situation

In the event of a sudden accident or illness, it is crucial to remain calm and to assess the situation carefully. Observe your dog for signs of distress, pain, or discomfort, and try to determine the severity of the situation. If you are in the presence of an injured dog, handle it carefully to avoid worsening the injuries.

Contact the veterinarian

In all emergency situations, it is essential to contact your veterinarian or the nearest veterinary emergency service for advice and, if necessary, make an appointment for an emergency consultation. Exactly describe the symptoms and circumstances of the accident or illness, and follow the veterinarian's instructions to the letter.

First aid at home

While waiting to be able to consult a veterinarian, some first aid actions can be done at home to help your dog:

  1. If bleeding occurs, apply a clean compress and maintain pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. Avoid using cotton, as its fibers can stick to the wound.

  2. If your dog shows signs of shock, such as rapid breathing, pale gums, or a weak pulse, lie him on his side and keep him warm with a blanket.

  3. If a toxic substance is ingested, do not attempt to make your dog vomit without the advice of a veterinarian, as this may worsen the situation. Write down the name of the substance ingested and its approximate quantity to inform the veterinarian.

Transporting your dog urgently

When you need to transport an injured or sick dog urgently, be sure to handle it carefully to avoid aggravating the injuries. Use a blanket, sheet, or hard board as a stretcher to support the dog, and ask for help if needed. Keep your dog warm during the ride and try to reassure them with sweet words and comforting physical contact.

Preventing accidents and sudden illnesses

While it's impossible to prevent all sudden accidents and illnesses, there are some precautions that can help reduce the risks:

  • Monitor your dog's health regularly and consult a veterinarian if in doubt.

  • Make sure your dog is eating a balanced diet adapted to his needs in order to strengthen his immune system and maintain good overall health.
  • Familiarize yourself with substances that are toxic to dogs and be sure to keep them out of reach of your four-legged friend.

  • Train your dog to avoid risky behaviors, such as chasing cars or eating inedible objects.

  • During walks, keep your dog on a leash and watch him carefully to avoid accidents or encounters with other animals.

  • Learn first aid for dogs so you are ready to respond in an emergency situation.

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