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7 Signs That Your Dog Loves You

A prolonged look between a dog and its owner can be a sign of love and trust. Dogs generally avoid direct eye contact because they see it as a threat, but if you
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
May 12, 2023
Dogs are extremely expressive animals that have a multitude of ways of showing affection for their humans. But how do you know if your dog really loves you? Here are seven signs that Médor has a great deal of love for you.
1. He looks into your eyes

A prolonged look between a dog and its owner can be a sign of love and trust. Dogs generally avoid direct eye contact because they see it as a threat, but if your dog looks into your eyes calmly and confidently, it's probably a sign of affection.

2. He brings you his favorite toys

If your dog brings you his favorite toy, it's a sign that he trusts you and wants to share something he loves with you. It's also an invitation to play, which is a social activity that dogs use to strengthen their bonds.

3. He's snuggling up against you

Physical contact is another sign of affection in dogs. If your dog likes to snuggle up with you, it's a way for him to get closer to you and feel safe.

4. He wags his tail vigorously

A dog's tail language can tell a lot about their emotional state. If your dog's tail is beating vigorously when you come home, it's a clear sign of joy and affection.

5. It follows you everywhere

If your dog follows you around the house, it's probably because he likes to be around you. It's a way for him to show that he feels safe and comfortable in your presence.

6. He is protective of you

If your dog gets between you and a person or thing that they consider to be a threat, it's a sign that they're feeling protective of you. It is a proof of love and loyalty on his part.

7. He raises his eyebrows when he sees you

A 2013 study published in Behavioural Processes found that dogs often raise their eyebrows when they see their owner, which is a sign of affection and recognition.

Remember that each dog is unique and will express love in different ways. If you don't see all of these signs in your dog, it doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't like you. The important thing is to spend quality time with your dog, to give him a lot of affection and to respect his individuality.

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