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6 Keys to Channel a Nibbling Puppy

Puppies love to chew to explore their environment and relieve teething pain. However, it's essential to teach your puppy not to nibble on inappropriate hands, feet, or objects.
Team Jagger.Lewis
Date of publication
April 5, 2023
Puppies love to chew to explore their environment and relieve teething pain. While this behavior is natural and necessary, it can quickly become restrictive when directed towards the brand new sofa or your hands...
  1. Redirect biting behavior

When your puppy starts to chew, redirect his attention to an appropriate toy. Offer him chew toys to ease the pain of teething and satisfy his natural need to chew.

  1. Encourage appropriate behaviors

Praise and reward your puppy for nibbling on an appropriate toy. Use positive reinforcements, such as treats or caresses, to encourage desired behaviors.

  1. Ignore bad behavior

If your puppy continues to nibble despite the redirection, withdraw briefly and stop the interaction. This teaches the puppy that chewing leads to the end of the game and that it doesn't get your attention. Come back after a short while and resume the game, redirecting the chew again to a suitable toy.

  1. Socialization with other puppies and dogs

Socializing with other puppies and dogs is a great way to learn boundaries and bite control. Puppies learn the rules of the game quickly by watching and interacting with other dogs.

  1. Do not encourage biting when playing

Avoid using your hands as toys and don't tease your puppy with them. Instead, encourage play with appropriate toys and teach him commands such as “coward” or “give” for structured play.

By redirecting biting behavior and encouraging appropriate behaviors, you can prevent future problems and establish a healthy and happy relationship with your puppy.

It's important to remember that patience and consistency are key in training your puppy.

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