Everything to know about canicross

More and more dog sports are developing and allow us to spend time with our dog in the fresh air while doing sport. Among the most popular and practiced dog sports, there is the Canicross. Practiced everywhere in France and for everyone, Canicross is very fashionable and can be practiced without moderation !

What is the Canicross?

has been one of the leading dog sports in France and abroad. The Canicross principle is simple, you attach a harness to your dog, a harness or belt on you, and the cushioned line that connects you to your dog. The Canicross is a speed race> during which you and your dog form a real team.

Can my dog do it?

Dogs practising Canicross are still required to be at least 18 months old, and in competition, to be up-to-date on their vaccines. In practice, athletes participating in Canicross competitions will favour enduring, fast and reactive breeds. But the most important thing is to adapt to the dog's endurance and motivation.

Where and how to do Canicross

Le Canicross can be practiced in everyday life, in parks or jogging paths. All you need is the right equipment: the harness for your dog, the harness for you and the cushioned line that connects you to your dog. However, seek professional advice beforehand in order to properly install your equipment and practice le Canicross in complete safety.

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