Update your Jagger & Lewis’s device

To improve your smart device for dogs and solve the problems spotted on the first version, here are the steps one by one to update your device and benefit of the new version!

First, you need to download the software (available on windows 8 or windows 10) which will allow you to update your device en cliquant ici.

Follow each step below to install the software on your computer.

1/ You will install the “Update Collar” software, click “next”.


2/ Keep the default directory, click “next”.


3/ Your software is ready to install, click “Install”


4/ Please click on “next” to proceed with the software installation. Be careful, for steps 4, 5, and 6 the window can open behind your installation window.


5/  Please click on “Install” again to continue installing the software.


6/ The installation of your software is finished soon, click on “finish”.


7/ The installation of your software is now complete, check “launch update collar” and click “finish” to start the update of your device.


Update your device

Connect your device to your computer using the cable provided with your connected object and click next.


Your collar is now connected, click on “validate”.


The update will start, click on “update”.


Your collar is now connected, click on “suite”.


Your device is now updated, go into your application to update your wifi by following the instructions that will be given to you. Your collar is ready to use!.