Be connected to the welfare of your dog

The Smart Dog Collar Jagger & Lewis recognizes the main behaviors of your dog. After a period of 3 to 7 days of observation, we can check the quality of his sleep, measure and reduce the stress of your dog or tell you if your dog is hyperactive or anxious.

This smart collar can detect abnormal behaviors or high-risk behavior. In case of problems, you will receive alerts and notifications on your smartphone. Thanks to the wifi connection, that works even if you leave your dog alone at home.

Smart collar for dogs


Available in 3 colors, thanks to its universal fix system it transforms all dog collars into a smart dog collar. Thanks to the wifi connection, you can take care of your dog even if you leave him alone.

* Tax included in the European Union, excluded abroad.

Some screenshots of the App

How it works ?

The smart device

Display up to six features with an option to toggle images on or off, and add unique calls to action.

Attached to your dog's collar, the Jagger & Lewis case collects the motion sensor and microphone data, which are then sent wirelessly to our server.
With an autonomy of more than 48 hours, you are quiet to watch over your dog.

Wellness Matrix

The datas are analyzed by several algorithms to recognize different behaviors like eating, drinking or scratching.

Each attitude is stored and analyzed in our wellness matrix.


Display up to six features with an option to toggle images on or off, and add unique calls to action.

Each dog is unique and we analyze the behaviors received with its own usual behaviors.
If we evaluate that something abnormal happens, you receive an alert, notifications and tips on your smartphone.

The easiest way to ensure the health and well-being of your dog.

Designed with many veterinarians.

Our smart collar device for dogs was designed by veterinarians within the Jagger & Lewis team and partner veterinarians. Discover their testimonials.

Our team in action

Engineers in signal processing, embedded electronics, data scientists, veterinarians, developers and analysts, Jagger & Lewis' team has worked more than 2 years with an unique idea: to create a unique product by combining each of their skills to improve wellness of your dog.

Product features