to Ensure the well-being of your dog

Prevent pain

Some signs are very evocative of pain and will jump to your eyes. Others go unnoticed.

Is he crying? Does he lose his appetite because he has a stomach ache? Does he have less enthusiasm because he is not well? Each signal that can identify a pain is recorded by the collar and if it is repeated, after evaluation, we will notify you.

Satisfy hunger & thirst

We calculate for you the quantity of croquettes to give him every day, according to his age, according to his race, his activity, and according to whether it is sterilized or not.

When your pet loses an appetite or eats at an unusual time when you are not there, you will be warned.

The collar can also detect eating disorders such as bulimia.

Reduce stress

Some dogs have anxious temperaments.
This can affect the welfare of your pet. It is not always easy to detect this trait in your pet.

Thanks to your Jagger & Lewis collar, the data of sleep, activity, and certain typical behaviors (panting, barking...) will be analyzed and you would receive an alert in case of anxiety detected in your dog.

Enhance well-being

A young dog does not have the same needs as an 8 year old dog and it also varies with its breed and its environment.
With the Jagger & Lewis necklace, you will know your dog's walking, activity and playing time per day.
You can follow the measured values to those recommended for your dog and thus easily improve his well-being.
By following our advice with your dog, you will be able to playfully increase his well-being.

Ensure sleep

Do you know how long your dog is supposed to sleep a day and how long does your dog spend sleeping?
Is it too much or too little? Is this normal given his age and level of activity?
Thanks to our Jagger & Lewis necklace, you will have answers to these questions. You will know if your dog gets up at night and if his behavior or level of activity are normal.
You will also know if sleep and activity levels are normal when alone.