Our ethical charter

notion of well-being, very little used in pets while it is widely developed in farm animals. This notion may seem vague but it has a scientific definition - the respect of 5 freedoms (*) on which we have relied in the design of the tool. Our goal is therefore to be able to provide humans in charge of the animal, whether they are its managers or professionals in charge of its health, with a measurement as objective as possible of its behavioural balance and therefore its well-being.

according to his lifestyle, periods of absence, level of requirement and anxiety and thus to provide him with a reassuring tool, a benevolent sentinel and not an opportunity to worry more. the possibility of being able to check its emotional and behavioural stability at the heart of its well-being.
  • of the animal that it is not a question of wanting to make it conform to a standard but of understanding its uniqueness. It is by comparing it in itself that the product will make it possible to detect even subtle variations in its balance,
  • of its owner who has the right, within the framework of respect for the ethological requirements of the species, to choose the lifestyle of his dog, more or less active, more or less present, without being imposed a moral vision,
  • the link that unites them and is the very foundation of the millennial relationship that links our two species.

(*) The 5 fundamental freedoms were defined in 1979 by the UK Farm animal welfare council:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom to have a comfortable and protected resting place
  • Freedom from suffering from preventable disease or pain
  • Freedom from avoidable stress or anxiety
  • Freedom to express the species' natural behaviours

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