Which breeds are sporting dogs ?

There are many canine sports and therefore sports dogs but many are not well known. Throughout France, there are many competitions, with very different types of sports and dogs sports and dogs of very different breeds. But be careful, there are rules to respect and not all dogs can participate in all the canine sports canine sports.

Dog sports

canine sports are now numerous and varied:

  • Agility is the best known and most accessible. It can be practiced with any dog. It is an educational and sporting game that consists in making a faultless journey with your dog.
  • Le jumping : More advanced and technical than agility, the dog must pass through obstacles, slaloms and other tunnels with the help of his master. This sport requires a real master-dog complicity.
  • The Fly-ball is a relay race that requires real control of the dog and that he can evolve as a team.
  • Le >dog-dancing : Less known, this sport consists of dancing with your dog during competition. A choreography must be performed and requires a lot of control and patience.
  • Le > cani-cross : This sport is widely practiced and consists of running in the wild with your dog, connected by a line to a harness around the owner's waist.

What races?

There is no real "race" of sport dogs, but some have more skills than others. As we said earlier, agility can be practiced with all dogs. On the other hand, other sports will be practiced with dogs known to be more "energetic" such as the Border Collie, the Husky or the Australian Shepherd, to name but a few.


is very good for your health but it is not to be taken lightly. Dog sports promote the dog's integration, good development and energy expenditure, but care must be taken not to exhaust the dog and above all to ensure that he always feels joy in practising the sport. A forced and over-trained dog is not a happy dog. The dog's well-being comes before the competition, so it is important to be very attentive to his behaviour.

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