What is the Barf Diet ?

Unknown in the canine world, the Barf is increasingly used by dog owners and professionals. This new diet based in particular on meat crue allows the dog to return to his original diet but favouring this diet is not without risk and the transition must be smooth. 


Le Barf is a new form of feeding for dogs, and animals in general, which means : Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (Bone and Raw Food), in French : Food raw biologically appropriate. 

It was a veterinarian who came up with the idea of the Barf, the aim being to get as close as possible to the dog's diet in the wild.

Finding the original diet of the carnivore

The purpose of the Barf is for the animal to return to its basic food, its food when the animal was living in the wild. That is to say, a diet mainly composed of raw meat, which has not been altered by cooking. Le Barf is based on the principle that a natural diet is the best diet. Indeed, if the animal only ate meat in the beginning, it was because there was a good reason and it provided all the necessary nutrients. But this is not necessarily the case. Thus, dogs would have acquired the ability to digest the starch cooked after contact with humans. 

Dangers and disadvantages

Even if it is true that Barf contains sources of protein and energy through the consumption of raw meat, the dog cannot be satisfied with this alone. 

As explained above, the Barf consists of raw meat and therefore bone.  The risk for the dog is to have problems with obstruction and perforation of the intestine due to bone digestion. By eating raw meat, it can also ingest parasites (taenia among others). The animal may eventually become deficient or have an excess of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.  

Le Barf has disadvantages, especially in terms of logistics, since it is necessary to renew the stock of fresh meat very regularly and pay great attention to the quality of the meat given to your dog. Going to Barf therefore requires supplementing your pet's diet. A veterinarian can advise you in your approach.

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