The importance of dog hydration

Water is the first essential nutrient for the body. The body of a dog is, like that of a man, 60% water. Its water needs are therefore enormous and decisive. Monitoring your dog's hydration is important, especially in hot weather. 

How much water to give my dog ?

Depending on its weight, the average amount of water consumed may vary from one dog to another.
But on average a dog must drink between 50 and 75 ml of water per kilo ! This amount may also vary depending on your dog's diet diet. If he eats only croquettes, the dog must drink this amount of water, but if he eats wet, pâtée or homemade food, this amount of water may be less, because wet food already contains a large proportion of water. 

The first signs of dehydration

  • Driven eyes
  • Lethargy (the dog seems tired)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • You can evaluate the skin using the skin fold test.
    The back skin is held to form a fold and then the skin is released. If the skin fold remains for more than one to two seconds, it is a sign of dehydration in dogs
    . However, this test is not always accurate and some factors such as age or weight for example. 

Accessories to always have enough to give your dog to drink

>i>Drinkwell water cooler
Distributes water permanently and thanks to its filter, it limits bacteria stagnation and prevents kidney stones and infections. 

>Gourd with water dispenser
Practical when you travel or walk, this bottle allows your dog to drink at any time, and allows you to change water very easily. 

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