How prepare your dog to surgery ?

dog needs surgery. Whether it is for a convenient surgery such as sterilization or a more important surgery such as abdominal surgery, it is important to prepare it properly so that it feels confident and the operation goes well.

Pre-anesthetic visit to the veterinarian

The pre-anaesthetic visit will allow the dog to become familiar with the site so that, on the day of the operation, the veterinary practice is not totally unknown to him, which could create stress in your dog.

Follow the recommendations of veterinarians

Depending on the operation, your veterinarian will recommend a number of different practices. But for most surgeries when there is general anesthesia, your dog must fast 12 hours before the operation. Indeed, under the effect of anesthesia, the dog can regurgitate food, which would be dangerous. Often, the veterinarian operates in the morning to monitor your pet's wake-up. Your dog should therefore not eat or drink in the evening and the night before his operation. Avoid being stressed by bringing your dog to the clinic as your pet will feel it.

And after surgery ?

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