How can I protect my dog's paws ?

The are part of the sensitive and fragile areas of your animal that is why it is essential to take care of them. In particular the pads, which remain the most exposed part and a very fragile part since it is a part composed mainly of skin and in direct contact with the ground.

Excellent hygiene: nails, hair etc.

Care for bearings

cushions in order to avoid any infection from a cut. Prudence is a safe mother. If your pet limps or licks his paws suddenly and repeatedly, the first reflex is to inspect the pads before taking him to the vet.

Dog boots

to prevent any danger on his paws. Dog boots can be used on each outing if your dog has sensitive legs, but it often takes a few weeks for your dog to get used to them. There are also repairing creams to soothe the paw pads, to be applied regularly.

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