Food for dogs what to completely avoid ?

Your >dog eats mostly kibbles, food or both, but sometimes you may give him something other than these foods made for him. Some of the foods we eat are safe for our dogs, but other foods should be avoided or banned from your dog's diet.

Onions :

toxic for dogs because they damage their red blood cells and this can cause important symptoms to the dog. It is because of the allyl and propyl disulfide contained in onions that the dog can be intoxicated if he ingests too much onions or small but repeated amounts.

Le chocolat :

because it contains Theobromine, an element that can cause severe disorders, especially heart disease, which can lead to coma and death in dogs. A small amount is enough for the dog to be poisoned so be very careful with the chocolate.

Raw fish :

Alcohol :


the dog's diet because they are likely to break when the dog gnaws at them and cause perforation of the stomach or intestines. Forget about rabbit and chicken bones, too, which are very brittle. Raw beef bones are preferred or even "fake" buffalo or beef skin bones are used. These are easily available on the market and will allow your dog to gnaw more safely. Be careful never to leave your animals unattended when they eat their bones.

The lawyer:

Les bonbons :

, but sugar-free candies create even more damage because they contain Xylitol, which is very dangerous for the liver.

The liver :

Milk :

Egg white :

Egg white contains an element called avidin, known to destroy the biotin secreted by your dog. However, this biotin is essential for the proper functioning of fats and proteins.

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