Does my dog really like to be petted ?

Le langage des caresses is a form of communication. It is also a way of communicating softly and effectively. Some people like caresses dogs, others a little less so. Some people are tactile, others are not, in dogs it's a little bit the same. The caress must be associated with a pleasant moment, that's why it's important that the hand is only associated with the caress and not with the punishment.

Moments adapted to the caress

The caress is a moment of complicity, relaxation and love between the master and the dog. It is a calm time that you share with each other, so the time must be right. Your dog does not want to be stroked if he is in the middle of a game session and trying to let off steam. Or if he's asleep, for example. There are times for everything, and your dog doesn't want to be stroked all day.

Can we pet dogs we don't know?

Your dog loves caresses and you give it back to him well. But not all dogs are like that, and some dogs don't like to be touched by humans. This is why it is important first of all to ask the handler if he can be stroked caressing his dog . If the handler is not there, adopt a "friendly" posture towards the dog: crouch gently towards him, reach out your hand so that he can feel you. Do not rush the dog and only pet him if he allows himself to be ridden. Don't be insistent, not all dogs necessarily like to be stroked.

Good caressing your dog

and that strengthens your relationship. Only you can identify when your dog wants and needs it. It's also what makes your relationship unique.

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