Does my dog know his name ?

communicate with your pet. The llanguage between dog and man is not the same, even if it is often said that all a dog needs is the use of speech to be like us.

At what age can he recognize his name?

On average a >dog recognizes his name between 3 and 8 months but like everything, it depends on many situations including how you teach your dog his first name. Some are slower than others but you have to be patient, there is no fixed method. Perseverance and patience will be good allies in educating your dog to recognize his name.

What kind of name can you give your dog?

Each owner is free to give his dog the name he wants but be careful, a few tips are still to be remembered.
Avoid give your dog names close to words about an order or action you would be likely to say to your dog often. For example, the first names Lassie and Elsie, which strongly resemble Sit or Lechien, very similar to "come" or "hold".
You should also know that giving a first name to your dog starting with the letter corresponding to the year is not mandatory except in certain cases. Especially when your dog belongs to a particular breed and you want it to appear in the L.O.F. (French books of origin).

Diminutives and context

Use a jovial or even childish tone to build confidence and facilitate the assimilation of the name. It will easily associate it with something pleasant.
It is advisable, at first, to use only his first name to call him and not to use other words.
Names and other diminutives are therefore prohibited at first. Thereafter, you can of course use a diminutive to call your dog but it should not replace his name, or in any case, the full name should not be used only to scold because it would quickly become a threat to the dog.

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