Do dogs sense our emotions ?

your dog was feeling your emotions. Fear, sadness, joy and all these emotions that are part of our daily lives, is your pet able to feel them, understand them and distinguish between them?

Emotions, a common heritage

Le dog feels emotions just like man. There is little doubt that the 6 primary emotions (joy, surprise, disgust, fear, anger, anger, and sadness) constitute a common heritage for our two species and many others. If the question arises for secondary emotions (such as shame or contempt), when living with dogs on a daily basis, we have no doubt that they experience forms of hope (We're going for a walk?) or jealousy (Who is that dog you're caressing?).

Dogs recognize facial expressions, voices and smells related to emotions

Empathy, a natural characteristic

Le dog is therefore capable of empathy towards his peers and towards humans. This means that he is able to perceive and understand the emotions in the other person. That's why you may feel that your dog comforts you when you're sad, or that he feels your joy at the same time as you. It also means that he can sometimes suffer at the same time as you because he feels your sadness and grief.

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