6 reasons to adopt a shelter dog

adopting a refuge dog.

1. Saving his life

> homing dog saves the life of this dog.

2. Give love and a second chance to the dog

3. You adopt a healthy dog

hinterdogs are treated, sterilized, dewormed and up to date in their vaccines. You are therefore assured of having a healthy dog that has already been seen by a veterinarian. No unpleasant surprises then!

4. You do not finance animal trafficking

Some puppies imported illegally into France. Animal trafficking is, let us not forget, very dangerous and very present in Europe. Many animals resulting from these traffics are mistreated and little considered. By adopting a refuge dog, you do not condone animal trafficking.

5. You allow the shelter to welcome a new dog

Adopting a refuge dog will allow the refuge to benefit from a new place and welcome a new dog. This will allow the dog to be fed, to benefit from care and, with luck, to be adopted by a new family. It's a life saved too.

6. You adopt a dog already trained

Do not hesitate any longer and favour the adoption of a refuge dog, you contribute to the well-being of a dog !

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