14 recommendations for traveling peacefully with your dog


Before the trip

1. First of all, you must ensure that the company with which you travel accepts dogs, especially by plane and boat.

2. If your dog travels in a transport crate, get him used to the crate first to reduce stress during the trip. Also check that the crate is up to standard, solid and large enough for the dog to turn over during the trip.

3. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to be prepared for any eventuality, including travel sickness or stress management during the trip.

4. Prepare the necessary documents: passport according to your destination, and vaccination booklet.

5. If you drive a long distance, get your dog used to shorter distances. Take your dog to a place he likes, he will associate the car with a pleasant time.

6. Find out about the conditions of acceptance of dogs in the country to which you are travelling, including some things to do before departure, such as taking a deworming treatment before leaving for England.

7. Don't forget to buy a ticket for your dog! On the train, dogs are considered as passengers and must have tickets to be in good standing.

During the trip

8. If you travel by train, make sure that travellers agree to travel with your dog on a leash and that it is well kept on a leash. The SNCF requires, for example, the wearing of a muzzle for dogs over 6kg.

9. Feeding and hydrating your dog during the trip is essential, but it can become problematic depending on the mode of transport. When flying, find out if the dog has water during the trip, or if it is available during stopovers, for example. By car or train it is easier but don't forget !

10. In the car, don't hesitate to stop regularly to allow your dog to stretch his legs and get some fresh air.

11. Open the windows during the trip to ventilate and re-oxygenate the space.

12. Reassure your dog, talk to him, pet him, he will feel more confident and less stressed.

13. Never leave your pet alone in the car or train.

14. Don't forget to reward your dog, good behaviour deserves a reward.

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