Test Day at Jagger & Lewis

Test Day at Jagger & Lewis

March 30th was quite a special day for us, dedicated in full to a select group of our canine friends from the area! We welcomed about 20 dogs and their owners to come visit us at our facilities, where they had the opportunity to test out our Jagger & Lewis connected collar.

The Jagger & Lewis team has been inviting different breeds of dogs to come and test our connected collar, which we’ve designed to promote the well-being of dogs. These test days help us to collect important data that will aid us to make continuous improvements to the product.

A day full of exchange and discovery; it was a great opportunity for us to speak in-depth with different dog lovers and analyze the diverse behavior patterns of our four-legged friends.
There was no short order of good vibes on this occasion thanks to the participation of the 20 canine participants, each one as friendly as they were unique. A big thanks to their enthusiastic owners as well!

From Louxor the Labradoodle and General the Basset Hound, to Kloug the adorable Border Collie and Gala the 5-year-old Golden Retriever, each dog was very receptive to the test and had their own unique contribution to bring to the project.
Thank you again to everyone who participated in this wonderful day of testing. We stand firm behind our commitment to deliver a collar that is well-adapted to the needs of each and every dog out there.