Our Kickstarter Campaign is launched!

Our Kickstarter Campaign is launched!

We launch our Kickstarter campaign the 31 on January.

On you ll offer you to pre-order our collar.
Our exclusive offers are in limited quantity.

There are 78 million dogs in homes around the U.S. and more than 7 million in our native France. After months of hard work, we wanted to ensure that dog owners were are the very heart of our project, and that we will create something that will resonate with dog owners all over the world.

We are already in talks with manufacturers, and the Kickstarter funding will provide us with the funds to produce the units on a bigger scale, and get the device into dog owners’ hands all around the world.

Kickstarter is a fantastic way of receiving feedback that can help shape the futureand wellbeing of our pets. We’re excited to hear what the Kickstarter community has to say and we cannot wait to grow together with our shared passion and love for our pet dogs!

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