Interview Joanna, veterinary

Interview Joanna, veterinary

Joanna, can you describe your role at Jagger & Lewis?

I joined the Jagger & Lewis team a few months ago as a veterinarian. I look at everything concerning dogs and their well-being, as far as both the product and our communication.

What do you do on a typical workday?

I don’t think I have a typical workday at Jagger & Lewis. Every day is different than the one before. Among other things, I work on R&D with the signal processing engineers, on writing articles alongside Justine, and giving veterinary advice. I also established and continue to develop our animal well-being grid with Dr. Beata, our veterinary behaviorist.

Describe the ambiance at Jagger & Lewis.

It’s a true startup: we’re a little bit squeezed in the offices, but the atmosphere is the best. We listen to music while we work. We all communicate very quickly. There’s a real sense of teamwork.

Why did you want to work for a startup?

For the challenge and energy that a startup brings. Participating in this kind of project is a unique experience. We’re creating a product for the future; we’re a part of the action. Each person’s job and respective duties change from day to day. There’s no routine!

Is being around dogs important to you?

I love watching dogs, understanding them, and taking care of them! They surprise me every day. I need to be around them. Evaluating dogs’ well-being and improving the communication between owners and their animals through this collar is a unique opportunity for me.

Why is Jagger & Lewis different than other companies?

Because our product is unlike any other and it will really make a difference to dog owners. And especially because it involves real emotions and dreams!

What advice would you give people who would like to work at Jagger & Lewis?

If you have a passion for animal welfare and you like challenges, you should apply!