Interview Claude, Veterinary Behaviorist

Interview Claude, Veterinary Behaviorist

Claude, can you describe your role at Jagger & Lewis? 

At Jagger & Lewis, I’m the Research Director. Founders had a vision and wanted to work with a pet behavior specialist. In tandem with the CEO, I set up the axes of work for our masters of signal. They give me the data to build my welfare matrix.Then, with the other vet, we work on the evaluation, hour after hour, day after day, etc. to have a very personal and useful tool.


What do you do on a typical workday? 

That’s the point. There is no typical working day and Ido love that in this challenge.

I work very much from home – on the scientific part – but I also come to Lille, at Euratechnologies Park, and I travel very often too.

When I’m at Jagger & Lewis, I check the technical progress of our project. Data quality and liability are crucial for the success. Joanna, the other vet of the team is avery good relay with the team on a daily basis. Our discussions, our common think tank are a booster for the project.

On behalf of Jagger & Lewis, I can also contact and visit either financial or technical prospects to explain our goals and our vision.

Describe the ambiance at Jagger & Lewis.

This was a nice shock! People are young and relax but they all are so committed to their work! They are thrilled by this start-up adventure. Now it is their challenge !


Why did you want to work for a startup? 

To change the world…

I want to use my scientific and technical skills to bring a vision, to build a better future with more respect for our companion animals.


Is being around dogs important to you? 

That is crucial! I had no pets during my childhood and that was difficult for me. My father told me a lot of stories about animals and I was dreaming of them. As soon as I could, I adopted from a shelter one dog and one cat. They were my first loved pets and since then I never stopped sharing my life with them.


Why is Jagger & Lewis different than other companies? 

Because, in a brutal and quick market, we wish to take the time of quality and ethics. We don’t just want to bring a new device, we want to develop a vision, centered on welfare for pets and their human companions.

As a behaviorist vet, I know how crucial the bond is. Sometimes it hurts… We want to be the watchmen of the bond, the sentinels of attachment and that’s a very differentiating point.


What advice would you give people who would like to work at Jagger & Lewis? 

Passion, fun, competency et animal life respect : these are the keys to share the challenge with us.