After CES, Lab Postal

After CES, Lab Postal
Following our presence at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lab Postal invited Jagger & Lewis to spend a day at their headquarters in Paris.
There, we were fortunate enough to meet many of those involved in the French Tech program as well as other IoT innovators.“Discovery” and “connection” were the watchwords of this unforgettable day!
The theme for Lab Postal’s 2016 event was “The innovation machine,” a slogan that rings rather nicely to our ears.  Our connected collar for dogs was thus perfectly at home in this futuristic digital atmosphere.
Talks, discussions, meetings, and breakthroughs enabled all those present to better envision IoT’s place in the world of innovation, not to mention the world in general.The day was organized according to the different creative processes of innovation.
  • ID Zone: creative material designed to bring new ideas to life
  • The Making Zone: for graduating an idea from the stage of inception to that of design
  • The Showroom Zone: a presentation of the best innovations related to postal delivery
You can be sure that a bright future lies ahead for IoT with many great technological innovations on the verge.Stay tuned!