Why is my dog yawning?

Why is my dog yawning?

Yawning is a common thing for dogs to do and can mean a lot of different things. Just like humans, a dog yawns multiple times per day, and it’s a normal canine behavior. However, his yawns might not mean the same thing to him as they do to us.

Yawn? Dogs do, too

Yawning is very common among people, but you certainly must have noticed that your pets yawn, too, especially your dog. A dog’s yawn is a classic behavior that represents many emotions, but is also a communication tool.

A sign of empathy

By yawning, a dog shows empathy for his owner. It’s one of a dog’s channels of communication. This form of affection lets the dog show his owner that he understands or perceives his feelings and accepts them.

A symptom of anxiety?

Just like us, dogs can yawn because they feel anxious. It’s a natural reflex. Dogs yawn to blow off stress. It’s an outlet that helps your dog feel better and to relax.

It’s a physical means for the dog to relax his muscles and offset the source of stress he’s carrying at that moment. This stress could be caused by any number of reasons: fatigue, the presence of another dog, a dirty look from a human, etc.

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