What is the Barf diet?

What is the Barf diet?

Still relatively unknown in the canine world, the Barf diet is being used more and more by dog owners and professionals. This new diet, consisting mainly of raw meat, allows dogs to return to their originally-intended diet. However, choosing this diet isn’t without risk, and the transition must be made smoothly. 


The Barf diet is a new type of diet for dogs, and for animals in general. Barf means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (Bone and Raw Food). 

A veterinarian came up with the idea for the Barf diet, with the goal of rendering a dog’s diet to be as close as possible to that which would occur in the wild.

The carnivore’s original diet

The Barf diet’s aim is to return the animal to his staple diet, the diet his ancestors had when they lived in the wild. This means a diet consisting mainly of raw meat, completely unaltered by cooking. The Barf dietstems from the principle that a natural diet is the best diet. In fact, if the animal originally ate only meat, it was for a good reason, and that it provided him with all the necessary nutrients. However, that wasn’t necessarily the case. Dogs also acquired the ability to digest cooked starch following their contact with humans. 

Dangers and disadvantages 

Even though it’s true that the Barf diet is a source of protein and energy through the consumption of raw meat, a dog cannot sustain himself on this diet alone. 

As explained above, the Barf diet consists of raw meat and, therefore, bones. A dog may therefore develop problems due to an obstruction or perforation of the intestines from digesting these bones. By eating raw meat, he may also ingest parasites (such as taenias). The animal could end up starving or ingesting an excess of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.  

The Barf diet has disadvantages also in logistical terms, since the stock of raw meat must be renewed regularly, and you must be attentive to the quality of meat given to your dog. Thus, changing to the Barf diet requires your animal’s ration to be complemented. A veterinarian could advise you on the process.

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