Prepare your dog to surgery

Prepare your dog to surgery

There may be circumstances when your dog needs a surgery. Whether it is for a classic surgery such as sterilization or a more important surgery like abdominal surgery, it is important to prepare them properly so they can feel safe and the surgery goes for the best.

Do a pre-anesthetic visit at your vet’s

The pre-anesthetic visit will allow the dog to become familiar with the facilities: when the big day comes, he already knows the veterinary office, so he avoids stress.

It is also important for everything that concerns early formability checks to prepare the operation: blood tests, release signature if needed, medical history of your animal, etc. Plus, it is a good opportunity to meet the vet that will do the surgery and to ask all the questions you want.

Meeting the vets’ recommendations

According to the kind of surgery, your vet will recommend you different effective practices. But for most of surgeries, when there is a general anesthesia, your dog needs to be fasting (12 hours before the surgery). Indeed, under the anesthesia effect, the dog could regurgitate food, which would be dangerous. Most of the time, the vet does the surgery in the morning to be able to watch your dog closely when he wakes up. Don’t be stressed when you bring your dog to the clinic: he will feel it!

And after the surgery ?

The post operative-period is very important for your dog’s recovery. If veterinary controls are often conducted, it’s your role to observe your dog carefully when they’re back home. First, check their physical condition: if they eat and drink normally. If there is a wound, make sure it doesn’t get infected and clean it according to your vet’s recommendations.

Your dog must feel serene and reassured, he needs attention and to have you by his side. Ensure he does not spend too much time alone the days following the surgery. Maybe he will have to wear a recovery cone for a while, especially if there are stitches. Your animal may feel a little bit lost and have some issues to eat and drink. If you’re with him, you’ll be able to watch him, reassure him and ensure he recovers well.

Don’t hesitate to go back to the vet clinic simply to say hi, so your dog doesn’t associate the place with bad souvenirs.

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