Playing Sports with Your Dog: For His Health and Yours

Playing Sports with Your Dog: For His Health and Yours

Are you athletic and energetic? If yes, you already know that there’s nothing better than working out with your dog!
Healthy for both you and your pet, exercising together reaps plenty of benefits.

A shared experience between you and your dog

Playing sports together can offer relaxation and communion with your dog while bringing you both fun, health and other benefits. Working out together is a time of sharing and bonding, allowing you to strengthen your relationship and get a change of scene while enjoying some fresh air and having a good time. Your dog needs to burn energy just like you do, so what could be better than doing it together?

Sports you can do together

Besides jogging and cycling, there are many sports you can do with your dog. So mix up the fun and do something different.

  • Agility: Obstacle course with your dog
  • Canicross: Cross country running with a harness
  • Flyball: Obstacle course where dogs carry balls
  • Any other sport associated with the Commission Nationale Education et Activités Cynophiles (The National Commission for Dog Training and Activities)

Benefits for you and your animal

Not only are sports good for your relationship, they’re also good for your health. Yours and his!
It’s in a dog’s nature to expend energy, run, and flourish in the great outdoors. Working out together helps prevent potential problems, such as excess weight gain, as well as to maintain muscle mass and keep him happy!

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