Microchip or tattoo ?

Microchip or tattoo ?

Microchip or tattoo allow to identify and register your dog. Legally, when you adopt a dog or any other pet, you are in the obligation to have them microchipped or tattooed so they are registered to the Central Canine Society.

What is the purpose of microchip or tattoo?

Microchip and tattoo both have an identification role. They allow to register your dog when you adopt him/her, and avoid any confusion with another dog. In case you lose your dog or he/she’s been stolen, microchip and tattoo will permit you to find your dog more easily, and in extreme cases, to avoid dog trafficking.

What are the pros and cons?

Microchip: it has the size of a grain of rice. Painless and easy to implant, it allows to find all the informations concerning the dog thanks to a chip reader. No anaesthesia is required. However, it is invisible, so it is important to combine it with a collar and a tag (except for animals having been tattooed before 2011).

Tattoo : quick and simple, the tattoo is done by a dermograph generally in one of your dog’s ears. The advantage of the tattoo is that it is easily recognizable: it may discourage thieves! However, it is possible that the tattoo gets less and less visible with the years, maybe you’ll have to do it again. Moreover, if your dog is stolen, it is easy to falsify it. Note that the tattoo requires general anaesthesia since it is considered as too painful for the animal.


More complete, discreet and painless, the electronic microchip is the best way so your dog gets a quick identification. In case of theft, it will be easier and quicker to find your pet. But remember that a microchip does not intend to be a GPS.

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