How about a dogsitter?

How about a dogsitter?

Are you short on time and need to take care of or walk your dog? Feeling guilty with your dog home alone? That’s understandable, especially since dogs don’t like to be alone for too long. Luckily, there’s a solution: dog sitters. Very well-known on the other side of the Atlantic, these days there are more and more dog sitters in France offering their services.

What is a dog sitter?

A dog sitter is an individual who offers to take care of and/or walk your dog for a day or more. Usually a student or person working in their spare time, the dog sitter is an animal lover who offers their services to care for pets, particularly dogs. You can find a dog sitter through an agency, or online, via specialized websites. The dog sitter is available to walk your dog, look after him during the day, and even occasionally take care of your dog at their home during your vacation. You can call on a dog sitter for an hour, or even a week, according to your needs.

Why call on a dog sitter?

Your dog needs to burn off energy, go out, and get some fresh air. He also needs to have contact with others and not stay locked up alone all day. The dog sitter is there to make up for your absence and ensure the dog’s well-being until you return home or for a specified time. The dog sitter walks your dog, plays with him, and is generally present for him. Depending on the service needed (home pet care for vacation periods or just a simple walk), the dog sitter may be taking care of several dogs at the same time. Therefore, it is important to choose your dog sitter based on your dog’s personality and ability to get along with other dogs.

Choosing the right dog sitter

Dog sitting is usually a very good experience, but taking the first step can sometimes be difficult. It’s not easy to entrust a stranger with your dog and be certain that everything will go well. Do a trial run with the chosen person and don’t commit to a long period of time before feeling completely at ease with the dog sitter. You must feel comfortable with them, ask them questions about their experience with dogs, and avoid dog sitters that have never owned a dog themselves. You must be certain that the person knows how to handle your dog and is prepared for various situations that may arise. Usually dog sitters have reviews listed online, so don’t hesitate to read them or to ask advice from your veterinarian who may have recommendations for dog sitters in your area!

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