Food for dogs: What to completely avoid

Food for dogs: What to completely avoid

Your dog mostly eats dry food, wet food, or a mix of both, but it’s possible that you may sometimes give him food that wasn’t made for dogs. Some types of food that we eat are safe for our dogs, but others are best avoided or excluded altogether from your dog’s diet. 


Onions are very toxic for dogs, as they harm their red blood cells, which may cause health problems to occur. This is due to the diallyl disulfide and propyl found in onions which can poison a dog if a large quantity of onions is ingested, or even small quantities eaten continuously.


Chocolate is one of the most dangerous foods for dogs, as it contains theobromine, a compound that causes severe problems, particularly cardiovascular issues, which can lead to coma and even the dog’s death. A small quantity is enough for a dog to be poisioned, so be very attentive when it comes to chocolate.

Raw fish: 

Overconsumption of raw fish can bring about a vitamin B deficiency in a dog. This vitamin is essential for the proper development of his nervous system. It can also contain parasites leading to digestive problems. Thus, this is a food to avoid if not cooked.


This may seem obvious, but alcohol is very bad for dogs. A few sips is enough to lower your dog’s vigilance, causing him to bang into something and hurt himself. Even giving him a taste of champagne during the holidays is a bad idea. Also, be careful with products containing ethanol, such as antifreeze for your car—a product likely to appeal to your animal.


Particularly cooked, bones can prove to be dangerous for your dog’s diet. They are likely to break apart when your dog gnaws on them and lead to a perforation of the stomach or intestines. Moreover, forget about rabbit or chicken bones, which are especially brittle.  We prefer raw beef bones or even using “fake” bones made from buffalo or cow hide. These are easy to find in stores and are safer for your dog to chew on. Be sure to always supervise your animals while they’re chewing on their bones.


Avocados contain a toxin that leads to metabolic disorders. Your animal could present pulmonary or cardiovascular problems due to their consumption.


Candy, which is very sweet, is not a part of a healthy diet for your dog. Sugar-free candy creates even more damage as it contains xylitol, which is harmful to the liver.


In and of itself, liver is not a dangerous food, but an excess of liver can poison the dog. Eating large quantities of liver leads to the ingestion of too much vitamin A. This can cause bone and spinal column deformation.


Adult dogs can be sensitive to the lactose found in milk, which can bring about flatulence or diarrhea.

Egg whites: 

Egg whites contain a protein called avidin, known to destroy the biotin secreted by your dog. Biotin is essential for the proper functioning of fats and proteins.

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