Everything to know about Canicross

Everything to know about Canicross

Dog sports have been increasing in popularity, providing owners with more opportunities to spend time with our dogs outdoors and to stay active. Among the most popular and most practiced sports is Canicross. Practiced all over France and accessible to all, Canicross can be enjoyed to your heart’s content!

What is Canicross?

Over the last few years, Canicross has entered the spotlight as one of the hottest dog sports all over the world. The concept of Canicross is simple. You put a harness on your dog, a harness or belt on yourself, with an elastic cord connecting the two together. Canicross is a race in which the bond between dog and owner is a true advantage.

Can my dog participate?

In theory, all dogs can participate in Canicross no matter their size or breed; however, some restrictions do apply. For example, dogs who practice Canicross must be at least 18 months old. Moreover, for competitions, it’s mandatory that they are up to date on their vaccinations. In practice, Canicross competitions tend to favor quick and reactive breeds that have good stamina. Most importantly, owners must be able to adapt to the dog’s levels of endurance and motivation.

Where and how to practice Canicross

Canicross can be practiced on a day-to-day basis as well, either in parks or on jogging paths. All you need is the right material: a harness for your dog, a harness for yourself, and the elastic line that connects you to your dog. As uncomplicated as the sport may seem, it’s still a good idea to ask an experienced person for advice beforehand to be sure you’re using the material correctly and practicing Canicross in complete safety.

There are also plenty of clubs that regularly organize Canicross practices and competitions open to anyone, such as the Trophée des Montagnes in Lyon.

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